Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tired and poorly Tuesday!

Afternoon!! Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was spent working my weekend job as usual, but this weekend I have the whole weekend off!! I am so excited about this I cant even tell you, we are going to spend some quality time together as a family and take ourselves off to the coast. Cant wait to share the photos with you! 

So this week I ordered a couple of crochet books, now that I'm a bit of an addict. I am loving the patterns in the Cute and Easy Crochet book, the pictures are so lovely, it's just hard deciding which one to attempt first! My biggest girl would like a case to keep her DS safe, so I think I will try a little purse for it to fit in to.

My littlest girl has been a bit poorly the last couple of days - she's currently laid on the sofa watching Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom while I potter about doing washing and the like. She had a nap earlier and I went out in to the garden and did a bit of tidying, raked some leaves and planted the rose bush we got in remembrance of my late Nan and Gramps. I wont share a photo yet as it's pretty boring at the moment. I also planted some peonys that I bought last month, and moved some daffodil bulbs (which are now looking a bit sorry for themselves - I'm sure I've tried to move some before and had the same outcome, which resulted in no daffodils in that part of the garden!) I tried to take apart the plastic playhouse which has seen better days but was unsuccessful, managing to break the roof and a swiss army knife in the process. It's currently laying on its side in the garden. Oops. We've not lived in this house for that long and so much work needs doing to it still, we made a start on the garden last year but we hope to get it finished this summer. 

I decided to have a little look through some old magazines today with my tea and toast - there's something about the crusts of a loaf of bread that I love, they are so chewy. I never cut my toast either, not sure if that makes me lazy, un-ladylike, or both, but I just like to eat round the edge saving the middle for last, and you cant really do that if you have triangles!! I was looking to find some new recipes for dinner - are you ever at that stage where you feel like you're eating the same things for dinner every single week?! So I was armed with a notebook to write down a few recipes I am going to try. 

'Til next time


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