Thursday, 23 February 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder - or does it?

Well I have been neglecting my measly little blog for a good few months now, but M&S kept me on and I now work every single weekend!! Feels odd to speak about Christmas but I hope everyone had a good one, I have to say it's the best Christmas I had for a long time. Lots of laughter and happiness in our little house.

So this ramblings title - I have had some time off from cakes and I hate to say I haven't really missed it! I enjoy it again once I start a cake but getting covered in icing sugar with stained red and blue hands is not as exciting for me as it once was. This makes me a little sad but I know I'm still going to enjoy making cakes for people that I love :) 

I met up with a new friend a couple of weeks ago, Justine from Emma Bear Forever and she taught me how to crochet, and I am actually addicted. I got some nice yarn (because Poundland wool will just not do!) and am happily making my first ever blanket. My hand starts to hurt after a while, dont think I have the holding part quite right but hey ho. 

So Spring seems to be springing, I have bought some 
lovely fabric (with little chicks on!) to make some Easter bunting, myself and my girlies will be doing salt dough decorations in the shape of eggs soon too. My daffodils have grown lovely in my kitchen and I have spied quite a few clusters of snowdrops about. It's also getting to 'washing on the line' weather, cant wait for a nice line dried bed!!

I'm hoping to get the garden sorted properly this year, we have just got a nice David Austin rose bush to plant in remembrance of my late Grandparents, just trying to work out the best spot for it!

'Til next time,



  1. Hello my lovely and welcome to Blogland xxx
    I am very much looking forward to reading your posts xxx

  2. Fabulous name and I love, love, love the blue birds/butterflies. Well done lovely girl. Live long and prosper :) xxx